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Goku Pakka 7" Santoku Knife

Goku Pakka 7" Santoku Knife

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The Santoku knife is the Japanese counterpart to the western Chef’s Knife. Santoku translates into “three virtues”, which represents mincing, slicing and dicing.

The shorter and thinner blade of the Santoku Knife allows for greater handling during thin slicing.


  • Santoku Knife


    • German 1.4116 high carbon MoV stainless steel blade
    • Enhanced hardness and anti-corrosion properties through advanced heat treatment technology
    • Symmetrical precision V-shape durable cutting edge through automated German ground machines
    • Full edge design providing razor-sharpness across the full cutting edge
    • Spanish PAKKA wood “D-Shaped” handle offering maximum comfort, easy handling and perfect balance
    • Stainless steel end cap for optimum balance
    • Stainless steel bolster for added weight and balance
    • CATRA testing approved


    • 7.0"/ 180mm
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