• Clean the knife / shears with a wet soft sponge / cloth and dishwashing detergent then dry it immediately.
  • Dry every knife / every pair of shears separately with the cutting edge pointed away from your hand.
  • Dry the blade from the spine to the edge, from the heel to the point.



  • Store the knife / shears in a safe place* to avoid injuries, and keep out of the reach of children.
  • *Safe place for storing knife / shears including knife block, in-drawer knife trays, wall mounts, knife sheath/ sleeve, shears holder.
  • The knife / shears are best stored in SNF Schneidteufel knife block for safety purpose and easy access.  



Regular knife maintenance is important to keep your knife sharp and safe. The sharper the knife, the less chance to get cut. A sharp knife will follow our hand movement, meaning the knife is less likely to slip and is easier to control. A sharp knife is honed to a fine edge, yet has an appropriate roughness so that it has bite, or an ability to sink into the cut.

  • Sharpen your knife regularly.
  • SNF Schneidteufel sharpening tools are highly recommended to use with our knife collections.
  • Contact us at if you need any assistance on knife sharpening.